How To Accept PayNow QR, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, AliPay And GrabPay On Your Shopify Store


Within just a few minutes you’ll be accepting all popular modes of payment like PayNow QR, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, AliPay and GrabPay PayNow on your Shopify store by following these simple steps:

  1. Complete account setup at HitPay
  2. Create a HitPay Payment Gateway Client Key
  3. Enable Payment Methods
  4. Add HitPay to your Shopify store

Complete Account Setup

Ensure you have connected a Stripe account to HitPay under settings>paymentmethods>creditcard

Create a HitPay Payment Gateway Client Key

Navigate to Settings>Payment Gateway>Client Keys from the dashboard


Click on Create New Client


Give a name for the Client e.g Shopify and click on Create


You will be required to copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret in your Shopify Payment Settings as shown below


Enable Payment Methods

Navigate to Settings>Payment Gateway>Integrations 


Click on Add New


Select the Integration Name : Shopify, select the payment methods that you would like to enable and click on Save


Upon clicking Save, you will be able to view the payment methods enabled for your store


Add HitPay to your Shopify store

  1. Click on the following link  : and login to your Shopify store admin account
  2. You will now see the below web page and click on Install payment provider


3. You will be automatically navigated to your payment settings in Shopify admin and under Alternative Payment Methods, select Credit Card Payment - Powered by HitPay


4. Enter your HitPay Client ID and Client Secret  (copy and paste both values from the HitPay dashboard as shown above) and click on Activate Credit Card Payment - Powered by HitPay

Make sure you that you uncheck the test mode option

Done! You will now see HitPay as an activated payment method for your Shopify Store.