5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Site in 2022


If you're part of the growing WordPress family, check out these five ways to improve your website if you're new to WordPress. It will make your life and your website easier and better.

In hosting, SEO, coding, plugins, and more, you may need a few simple tips and tricks.

Here we can help. We'll give our experience and knowledge about how to choose a website designer who will effectively use and follow these five ways to enhance your WordPress site in 2022.

Way #1. Use Fast WordPress Hosting

Choosing a performance-optimized WordPress host is one of the best things you can do to improve the performance of your website.

If your hosting is slow, there is a good chance that your website will be dead even if you have done an excellent job of improving the front end.

When choosing a host, you should also pay attention to the amenities available. The physical location of your service will depend on your page load time since physical distance affects loading speed.

Ideally, you want to choose a host that offers a service that stands in the same place as your primary target audience. Another important consideration is to explore modern technologies such as HTTP / 2 that can improve the performance of HTTPS and handle many more minor HTTP requests.

Way #2. WordPress Theme Matters for Performance

Everyone loves new WordPress themes, but be careful before choosing a theme with all the flashy new features. First, you should read our article on the differences between free and paid themes.

In terms of performance, every element you see in a theme impacts the overall speed of your website. And unfortunately, of the thousands of themes in the wild.

Among thousands of options, we suggest you use one of these two options:

  1. Lightweight and clean WordPress theme built with just the looks you need and nothing else.
  2. A more feature-rich theme, but you can turn off features that are not in use.

Things like Google Fonts, Font Awesome icons, sliders, galleries, videos, parallax scripts, etc. You should disable many things when not in use, and you don't want to try and tweak these things manually after the fact. And we're not going to show you 50 different ways to get rid of things. Instead, you must start or switch to a pure WordPress theme from scratch or give these options.

Way #3. Don't Overlook Browser Caching 

By asking the browser to store "static" data on the computer, the use of software can increase the speed of WordPress. These "static content" files make up your website and include images, JavaScript, and CSS files.

In addition to incentives, they differ by user and location. When visitors revisit your website using this plugin, their search engines download these files from their local application. Since they won't be installed from your server, you'll improve load times.

Following are the two ways to handle browser caching:

  1. Cache-control
  2. Expires headers 

These are all excellent ways to limit the time to store a type of file in the visitor's survey. You can use all or cache as it is more flexible and innovative. If you choose to use both, make sure their shelf life matches.

Way #4. Improve Your Site's Overall UX

There is a positive correlation between your site's (users') UX and its functionality. UX is how users feel when they use your WordPress site. According to TechJury, great UX can increase conversions by 400%. So, if you don't know how to provide a good user experience on your website, you probably won't be able to retain existing customers or attract new ones.

People who view your website will appreciate it when it's effortless. You need to have a clear division of parts and keep a consistent pattern. Performance should be your number one priority for the design and UX of your WordPress website.

Way #5. Limit Your Plugins

Add features to your site. If your theme does not come with attachments, you will need extensions to add features such as contact forms, newspapers, or chat to your website. However, too many plugins can slow down your site and compromise its security.

Just install what you need, and it will benefit your users and your website - resist the temptation to choose too many backups that are as dangerous as possible. Adding code plugins can clutter your site, slowing down its loading speed.

Since anyone can make plugins, there are many options and varying levels of quality. Installations are officially tested for safety, not convenience, so it's best to read users' feedback and reviews.

The beauty of WordPress is that it is constantly changing, improving, and growing, which means you are continually learning, improving, and growing.